AVAS Consulting is a wholly owned AIP BOESS subsidiary.

We were born out of the recognition that African Agriculture and Food Production lacks and will flourish when human capacity, knowledge and funding is adequately channeled towards projects in the sector that will elevate outcomes.

We employ global best-in-class solutions to create platforms that benefit Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Institutions, Government, Women’s cooperatives and Young people. The aim is to elevate Africas latent advantages of land and abundance so that we not only feed ourselves, we can also develop stronger value chains to create commercial successes and export opportunities.

We have designed three proprietary platforms:

1. Training and Workshops

We have assembled the best trainers globally to create workshops and training programs to achieve our aim of offering a world class menu of knowledge.

Attend one of our scheduled workshops all over Africa, take part in one of our Trade Tours through our ATT (Agri Trade Tours) branded visits to some of the leading Agriculture and Food production projects around the world or work with us to design a specific Workshop fit for your organization.

Our training and workshop menus include internet based courses, visits to the best learning institutions in the world or a hybrid to suit your specific needs and vary from short courses of a few days to several weeks on campus.

2. Seminars, Conferences and Exhibition Events

Our AgriTalk brand specializes in creating subject specific seminars and conferences where global thought leaders present amazing topics on African Agriculture, Food production and Rural Development.

The knowledge, networking and corporate visibility opportunities are a must for all those who are in anyway connected or wish to connect to Agri, Food and Rural Development on the African continent.

3. Funding

AVAS continues to assemble important sources of funding for the qualified Agri and Food production projects in Africa. Patient capital, funding rounds and development capital are possibilities. Our experts will discuss your projects and prepare your application to attract the ideal funding solution.