Africa is the future food basket of the world.

Today, Agriculture in Africa has a huge social and economic footprint. More than 65% of Africans are small-holder farmers and 25% of sub Saharan African GDP is from Agriculture and Food Production.

In spite of these natural dividends, African Agriculture remains untapped. A recent analysis by Mckinsey determined that Africa could produce up to three times more cereal, which could in turn add 20% more to the global output. There are similar possibilities in horticulture crops and livestock.

At AVAS, it is our mission to improve Agriculture output in Africa through training and workshops.

We audit and design the knowledge needs of;

  • Farming Communities
  • Co-operatives
  • Food Production Companies
  • Institutions & Associations
  • Governments

Through our global network, we continually source to create the best-in-class faculty of thought leaders to design courses that solve challenges and take advantage of opportunities for our client base.

We also have Open Workshops all over the world, offering a curriculum that has been considered against the exact needs of Farmers and Food producers all over Africa.

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