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Our Global Workshops and Trade Missions

At AVAS we work with Governments, Corporates, Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and SMEs in emerging and underdeveloped nations, enhancing their Agriculture and Food Production sectors.

We design systems that help industrialise the sector so that more food production happens, quality is improved and access to new markets occur. With population growth in underdeveloped countries, a young population, and rural-to-urban migration, food security is crucial. We must revolutionize the way we grow, store, transport, package, and sell food.

AVAS empowers clients with knowledge and tools to navigate the future successfully. We believe the future is already here, and we are dedicated to helping clients thrive in this evolving environment


"To demonstrably positively affect Agri. & Food production outcomes through platforms that teach and connect"


"To be the catalyst that delivers food security and income from Agriculture to the rest of the global population"

Business Tours – Our 3-5 day Business Tours offer a unique opportunity for governments, foundations, farming and food production businesses, and cooperatives to explore the most advanced farming and food production facilities worldwide. Participants from Africa and the West Indies in the agriculture and food production sectors can witness firsthand the best-in-class practices and innovative solutions. These tours provide valuable insights on how to effectively implement these strategies in their own countries, ultimately benefiting their respective industries >>>

Training & Workshops - Our platform boasts a world-class faculty of global experts and thought leaders in Agri. & Food Economics and Business. Our faculty members possess deep understanding and expertise in addressing the specific needs and finding solutions for developing economies. Through their knowledge and insights, governments, farming businesses, cooperatives, and SMEs can gain tremendous benefits from this unique platform. It serves as an invaluable resource for accessing cutting-edge information and strategies that can drive growth and success in the agriculture and food sectors. >>>

Events – At AVAS, we specialize in designing and hosting impactful conferences, seminars, and exhibitions that revolve around the theme of Agriculture & Food Production. Our sole purpose is to bring together participants from various sectors to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations. In April 2022, we successfully organized AgriTalk, a highly acclaimed event held in Nigeria's capital, Abuja. The conference focused on the crucial topic of 'Advancing Nigeria's Agriculture in the midst of conflict.' The event garnered significant attendance and served as a prime example of the caliber of events we aim to host in Africa and the West Indies. With our expertise and commitment, we strive to create platforms that inspire innovation, promote knowledge sharing, and drive positive change in the agricultural landscape >>

Trade Missions – International trade holds immense potential for generating substantial income. In the developing regions of Africa and the Middle East, there is a wealth of food commodities that can be leveraged for economic growth. At AVAS, we collaborate with governments, institutions, companies, and traders to facilitate Trade Missions that span the globe. Our aim is to connect you with the most lucrative markets, particularly in Europe and North America, where we have established strong partnerships. Through our expertise and global network, we design themed events that attract the attention of the buyers you need to engage with. Additionally, we offer innovative and proprietary tours that enable you to explore both global and regional markets. Our goal is to support you in finding new and profitable opportunities, ultimately driving your success in the international trade arena>>>

Our Courses and training provide knowledge, skills and opportunities that help you achieve your goals.

Our events put you right at the heart of current Agri and Food affairs, offering an unmatched opportunity to network and gain knowledge. Corporates and institutions get laser guided exposure to the right people at the right place and the right time.


AVAS Consulting is set to become the No 1 value-added servicer to the Agri. and Food Production sectors in Africa and the West Indies. Our vision is clear and everyday we design unique, best-in-class solutions that elevate the most important sector for Africa’s growth. If you are commercially ambitious, suave and determined with a strong interest in development, Agri. and Food, you may be our ideal affiliate partner. Like everything we do, this could be a game changer for your career and income. Get in touch with us today >>>>

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We have designed incredible platforms of contact and access to Africas Agriprenuers and Food Producers. Impressive ROI and sustainable linkages >>>>